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Write your own Music

Use this software to write / play Finale Notation Files.

This amazing program allows you to: 

  1. Manually notate music - use the computer mouse to select notes, copy sections, erase, etc.
  2. Bring in a MIDI File - Save a MIDI file from the web, import and instantly play it or make your own TAB sheet
  3. Make TAB sheets - 
    Guitar players can use a standard tuning or convert instantly to Drop D,  
    String players unsure of reading standard music can choose a TAB sheet.
  4. Adjust the timing and playback   
  5. Transpose to any key in a flash


Finale Finale Allegro 2007 5-User Lab Pack Notation Software Standard

Finale Finale Allegro  
5-User Notation Software

Create scores with unlimited staves and print out parts. Transpose to any key and for any instrument. Launch window puts everything at your fingertips.  

Your purchase using a link from this site, helps support our efforts to create a comprehensive traditional Irish music resource.



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