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Evelyn Avoglia

"Music moves us - we get "carried away", enchanted. Through sound we become open to the non-ordinary world. Intentional sounding enables and expresses our life processes... 

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Kathleen Deignan

Musician - Composer - Author

Kathleen has also been engaged in the mission of liberating education which at times is expressed in peace and social justice concerns, and spiritual animation.

Grekim Jennings

Study those who came before you. Learn in a way that is fun and fulfilling. Grow and explore through other musicians and styles of music. Express yourself positively through your music.

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Julie Sorcek 

Julie Sorcek

Julie is a performing musician who plays flute, piccolo, saxophone and bodhran. 

She is a founding member of the contra dance band The Reel Thing, and plays periodically with another contra dance band called Out on a Whim.

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Dan Tressler

Dan is one of those amazingly talented individuals. He is a Artist and musician A multi instrumentalist whose talent really shines with the violin and mandolin.  This is someone to spend some time with.

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Rob Silvan,  Pianist 

A Connecticut based pianist with a diverse music career. He is the leader of the Rob Silvan Quintet that has been working and recording (currently finishing a 6th CD) in the Metropolitan area consistently for 30 years. Rob is in his 11th year as the music director at the Talmadge Hill Church in Darien CT. He has been teaching piano and composition privately for 25 years to students of many ages.  Since 2004 Rob has been the director of KEYS (kids empowered by your support), a scholarship fund for needy music students in Bridgeport. The CD, Inside This Clay Jug, is scheduled for release spring of 2006. It is a collection of sacred poetry set to music. It includes lyrics of Yeats, Rumi, TS Elliott. Emily Dickenson and others. The music is composed by Rob.

The Shamrogues

Traditional Irish Music - Fairfield 

Beth Bradley - Guitarist - Founder / Director of CT-Muse

"Through art and music we can deepen our perspective and understanding of the life that we've been given.  It gives  us a tangible opportunity to communicate directly with the divine.  

It is our mission to share the gifts of all our artisans with the greater community, so everyone may deepen their own spirituality through the arts." 

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